Brinn Inc.

Brinn Custom Shock Absorber Design & Manufacturing

  • Use Brinn Inc. for all of your shock absorber design and manufacturing needs. We offer the following...
  • Experience

    Brinn Inc. has been designing and manufacturing high quality, private labeled, custom shock absorbers for over 20 years. Our products include various steel and aluminum monotube, twin tube and remote canister style shock absorbers. The applications for these products range from aftermarket automotive to the circle track and drag racing markets. We can manufacture a shock absorber of your design or we can work from your specifications to develop a new product. Production runs of hand built units from 500 through 10,000 units per year are our specialty. We can also supply customers with complete shock absorber assemblies that are boxed and ready to ship to dealers or warehouses.

    Brinn prototype motorcycle shock absorber
  • Components

    Brinn Inc. is a manufacturer of shock absorber and strut component parts. We have precision machining capabilities that allow us to produce components such as piston rods, bodies, pistons, compression valves, pressure tubes, etc. We are also a source for gas cells, foam cells, rod end bearings, isolator bushings, mounting hardware, etc. Brinn Incorporated is also one of the few manufacturers that can supply OEM shock absorber components.

    Brinn shock absorber components
  • Lean Manufacturing Cells

    Brinn Inc. designs, manufactures, and uses lean cells for in-house assembly. We will also build lean cells for your facility. We have built cells with mutliple tables that include assembly, testing, cleaning, and packaging. The design and work flow will depend on your requirements and the design of your shock absorber.
    All shock absorbers are assembled in a facility that is ISO 9000-2008 certified, ISO 14001 compliant, and QS-9000 compliant.

    Brinn lean manufacturing cell
  • Design & Manufacturing Assistance

    Brinn Inc. would like to meet with you to discuss your shock absorber project. Please contact Brinn Inc. for more information.