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Brinn Racer Gallery

  • Coen Brady

    Photo: Coen Brady Racing

  • Hayden Campbell

    Photo: Hayden Campbell

    "Hayden runs the Original Transmission with great reliability and performance. Thanks to the folks at Brinn for all their help!"

    • Chub Frank

      Photo: Chub Frank Racing

    • Dennis Erb Jr.

      Photo: Rich Edwards Jr. Photography

    • Kyle Berck

      Photo: Joe Orth Photos

    • Tom Gee Jr.

      Photo: Tom Gee Jr.

    • Austin Matthews

      Photo: Bryce Matthews

      Austin Matthews has been using a Pro Series transmission for over four years and has more than 100 races on it. He has had zero problems with it in those four years and it has never been rebuilt.

    • Jeep Van Wormer

      Photo: Iron Motorsports

    • Zach Johnson


    • Kayne Hickman

      Photo: Pics by Nick

    • Andrew Wylie

      Photo: Andrew Wylie

      Andrew says, "Thank you for everything. I plan to use all Brinn products in 2009 in our dirt late models."

    • Mike Jewell

      Photo: Mike Jewell

    • John Llewellyn

      Photo: John Llewellyn

    • Greg Dinsmore

      Photo: The Dinsmore Family

      Greg has been racing with the Pro 2.0 Transmission since late 2007. In 2008 Greg won 14 A features, Track Championship, Firecracker 3000 at I-37 Speedway, and a Heat race at the IMCA Super Nationals. The Dinsmore Family says, "Thanks for the great tranny!!! We are running it in our new 2009 Harris chassis. Thanks for being a winning part of our team."

    • Brady Smith

      Photo: Rhett Butler Photography

    • Mike Ferraro

      Photo: Mike Ferraro

    • Justin "Whitey" Folk

      Photo: Justin Folk

      Justin has won 450 A Features with a Brinn Transmission. Keep up the great work!

    • Don Baisch

      Photo: US Photographics

    • Janette (Baisch) Moncur

      Photo: Baisch Racing Team

    • Allen Juelch

      Photo: Allen Juelch