Brinn Inc.

Brinn Transmission Rebuild Service

  • Brinn Inc. can provide you with a professional rebuild service. Brinn Inc. has the tools and know how to rebuild and repair your transmission to like new condition. Make sure your rebuild center offers the same services that Brinn Inc. offers. Please call Brinn Inc. for a RMA number before returning any products.
  • Reasons to Choose Brinn Inc.

  • Trained Personnel

    All work is performed by trained personnel who work directly with Brinn Inc. engineers to ensure your transmission is rebuilt properly.

  • Magnafluxed Gears & Shafts

    All gears and splined shafts are Magnafluxed to check for cracks and other damage that cannot be seen by the naked eye. This process ensures that we will find damaged parts before they break on the race track.

  • Runout Check

    All output shafts are checked for runout using gauge room quality inspection equipment. Excessive runout can cause vibration and damage parts. Let us find it before it creates problems.

  • Full & Partial Rebuilds

    Brinn Inc. can service the clutch or provide a complete rebuild. Brinn Inc. will always visually inspect the entire transmission and let you know what work needs to be done. Brinn Inc. will complete the work only after your approval. There are no hidden costs.

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